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Street Photography

My passion is photography

I’ve always loved “people-watching”. I like to observe how people behave and interact in their environment, especially while they are unaware that I’m watching.


It is an exhilarating feeling being able to document a fraction of these moments so it’s recorded for perpetuity. I love how real, honest and raw the moments are, as the lens captures them.

I love photographing people on the street. I bring my camera with me everywhere. It has become an extension of me. 


I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.





Alejandro’s voyeuristic street image is wonderfully staged; the low, upwards framing totally unexpected, and the compositional elements perfectly balanced. In his statement he describes his viewfinder as the weapon and the power lines as the crosshairs, and it’s a canny metaphor for the series from which this image is drawn, with the subjects acting as his walking ‘prey’. In this particular image I love how the man looks out above us, and the lady glances down the length of the power cables – Alejandro gives us a glimpse of them going about their lives, but gives us only the smallest clues to their environment, and that creates something quite mysterious and powerful.

Life Framer

I sit and photograph people in this corner for hours at a time, sometimes until the daylight is no longer available. My viewfinder becomes the weapon and the power lines, the crosshairs.


I have to admit, I’ve never fired a weapon nor do I wish to. Photographing for this series takes me to a fantasy world. I’m the hunter. The people between my lens and the power lines become my prey. 


I envision these pictures printed in very large sizes. I want the viewer to walk back in order to see the images. The goal is to avoid intimacy. Instead, indulge in the guilty pleasure of voyeurism. 

Street Photography | B&W

Street Photography | Color

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